Bird Garden Sculptures

Birds On A Sunny Day

Bird Garden Sculptures

At Elliott of London, we have a vast variety of bird garden sculptures for our customer base to choose from ranging from pheasants to herons. These garden decorations not only will stand out from the rest of the decorations in your garden but they will become your very own piece of art. 

Each one of these sculptures embodies the charm and beauty of these amazing birds and pleases the eyes of any garden design enthusiasts out there looking for something different in their garden. 

Heron Garden Sculptures

One of the most dignified and majestic birds in the world with 64 recognised species, the noble heron is usually found on the waterfront or standing in the waters of marshlands with their pointy beaks and lengthy necks. Charles Elliott and his team have created a heron sculpture for the bird lovers out there who like their garden sculptures a little bit more unique.

The Heron sculpture has been handcrafted by Charles Elliott himself with 20mm square mild steel with a grey shaded finish. The sculpture’s beautiful design presents the heron in a lifelike manner and stands out from our bird garden sculptures.


Pheasant Garden Sculptures

In the England countryside, we are surrounded by woods and fields that are filled with flocks of pheasants flying every single day and at Elliott of London, Charles and his team have created two bird garden sculptures that represent pheasants in their real-life nature reflected in different ways. 

The first pheasant sculpture represents the colours of a pheasant by painting the features of the pheasant’s head in its bright green colour and its red circle around its eye. This sculpture has the option of either being finished in rustic patina or being finished with the previously spoken about paint features. 

The second pheasant sculpture is called the ‘life-size brace of pheasants sculpture’ which shows two pheasants in a realistic way flying together. This garden sculpture has been handcrafted using 5-millimetre thick mild steel by Charles and his team. The inspiration for this art piece by us was inspired by pheasant watching near our studio.

Indian Runner Ducks

The Indian Runner Ducks sculpture shows two ducks together with one of them walking briskly and the other in a running motion. The walking duck is shown with both of its feet flat on the ground. The running duck is represented with one of its feet raised to show its running motion. The option is there for the customer to buy each duck individually and it is available in a rustic finish to show it in a traditional fashion. These bird garden sculptures are each 80 centimetres tall, 23 centimetres wide and 60 centimetres in depth.

All of these sculptures would fit perfectly all year round, especially with the summer coming round now it is a great chance to get into your garden and decorate it with some of Elliott of London’s finest.




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