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full kingfisher statue

Bronze has been the ideal medium for sculpting for many years due to its versatility, rich colour and ability to achieve the smallest detail. So there is no doubt as to why so many of Elliots of Londons sculptures, are made from this glorious material.

Bronze sculptures are usually made via a process known as casting, which in short means, pouring molten bronze into a mould and allowing it to cool. Charles Elliot uses the ancient lost-wax method and sculpts each piece firstly in clay, then casts it in bronze to create highly detailed Bronze Sculptures. This method takes a steady hand, talent, and time, to ensure each piece of art is perfect down to the last detail.

Offering a wide selection of bronze sculptures that come in different shapes and sizes, you can be sure to find one that is perfect for you. Here I will show you a few of our favourite bronze sculptures.

Boxing Hare 2018 Bronze Sculpture

Who says bronze sculptures can’t add a little bit of abstract flair to your home? Our Boxing Hare Bronze Sculpture adds the perfect mix of abstract and art. Capturing the natural moments from our great British wildlife.

Perfect for an inside sculpture as it is only 20inches in height, 16inches deep and 10 inches wide. Customisation is available as you can choose from stone, marble or metal plinths and a range of colours and materials. This allows your chosen bronze sculpture to fit perfectly into your home decor.

The Bronze Kingfisher Sculpture 2021

If you are looking for a sculpture that would fit perfectly in the garden then the Kingfisher statue would be perfect. The kingfisher is shown in the lifelike in-flight motion, with its wings raised high. Usually bright blue and orange, sculptor Charles Elliot has shown this with a subtle blue finish and orange aspects on the breast and wings. It’s eyes are wide, just as if it was stalking prey on the waterside.

The bronze sculpture has beautiful detailing from top to bottom, right down to its perch. Fine lines and the use of colours has brought this sculpture to life. This piece would make a beautiful garden feature.

The Red Robin Sculpture 2021

This red-breasted robin standing on its ‘wooden’ perch would make a beautiful feature point of any room or garden. Charles has managed to capture the watchful stance of the Robin perfectly, which really brings the sculpture to life.

The robin is on the smaller size of our bronze sculptures but with just as much detail, right down to the sculptor’s signature on the base.

Want One For Yourself?

Charles prides himself in working very closely with all of his clients, to design and create them sculptures that are perfect for them and their desired location. He always welcomes exciting opportunities to shape and push the boundaries of sculpture. You can enquire now at 

For more information on the stunning Bronze collection created by Charles please feel free to contact us at any time. Studio visits and commissions are also welcomed.

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