Our Bronze Garden Sculptures

Horse Head Sculpture right facing

Our Bronze Garden Sculptures are the perfect addition to any outdoor living space creating a differentiation between your standard sculptures and ornaments. Unlike Charles’ other sculptures these are firstly sculptured in clay and then cast in bronze to create limited edition Bronze Sculptures. This is known as the ancient lost-wax method which requires both time and skill to be spent on each piece of art. 

“Sculpture is to see, feel & create the energy of life” – Charles Elliott. Charles works in a variety of styles and prides himself in working closely with his clients to design and produce sculptures of a lifetime. Charles founded Elliott of London in 2016 and worked on his own from a small workshop in rural Buckinghamshire. Charles began servicing a London based interior design clientele and is now recognised not only nationally, but internationally.

Each sculpture is carefully crafted by Charles along with his small team to create unique and elegant art. Although the team is used to their technique and machinery, Charles is always welcoming to the exciting opportunities to shape and push the boundaries of sculpture.

Bronze Garden Sculptures

There is much variety in our Bronze collection however a popular choice is to involve these sculptures in the outdoor interior and create a focal point in gardens. Perfect for any garden is our Kingfisher Sculpture 2021. This bronze garden sculpture was created by sculptor Charles Elliott himself. Charles has managed to capture the life-like flight movement of this kingfisher with a patination finish to bring the sculpture to life as much as possible. This sculpture comes with its own base which makes it the perfect piece for the outdoors. Whether this is placed on a front porch, in a garden, or in the house it will be sure to catch any guest’s eye.

Bellowing Red Stag 2018

Another popular bronze garden sculpture is the Bellowing Stag 2019. This beautifully captures the emotion in the bellowing stag, bringing his call alive. The sculpture was inspired by the local rutting reason around the sculpture studio next to a national trust estate. Charles likes to include his surroundings in his designs and sculptures making them unique and personalised. The stag has an abundance of life and feel with a textured finish making it a great addition to any outdoor space.

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