Christmas Gift Ideas: Our Robin Sculpture

Red Robin 2021 Sculpture

At Elliott of London, we create hundreds of sculptures each year. Some are perfect all year round, and some make an incredible gift for a special time of year. Our Robin sculpture is one of these special occasion sculptures, perfect for the festive period.

So, as we creep closer to Christmas Day, we thought we would tell you a little more about this amazing piece. And remember, to find out a little more about it, head over to our website.

Our Robin Sculpture

Sculpted by Charles from clay, before being cast in bronze, our Robin sculpture depicts this quintessentially Christmassy bird in its natural habitat, perched on a branch looking out over its surroundings. For this piece, we wanted to make it as realistic as it was magical, adding in minute details to the bird and branch that really brought the scene to life.

Every line and curve on this piece has been meticulously thought-out and created to represent the real-life beauty of British wildlife. So, each is as unique as it is intricate. To add a final touch, we added a patinated finish to the design.

The Robin’s Christmas Connection

While some think the Robin’s association with Christmas comes as a result of the time of year it is typically seen, this is actually a myth! The tradition of adding Robins to Christmas cards and gifts is actually a hark back to the Victorian era, where postmen where nicknames Robins because of their red-breasted uniforms.

Because of this, people across the country began adding images of Robins to their Christmas cards as a way to represent the postmen delivering those exact cards. And thus, the Robin’s Christmas Connection was formed.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Our Robin sculpture is one of the many creations we hold that could suit your home or garden perfectly. Because of this, we think it makes a perfect gift for family and friends looking to bring a little bit of Britain’s natural landscape into their everyday environment. 

But the Robin is not the only sculpture we hold that might well make the perfect Christmas gift. From unique wine racks to intricate horse sculptures, there are plenty of options available to you. We’ve created each of our interior sculptures to add something practical as well as beautiful to your home, and really, what could make a better Christmas gift than that?

Elliott of London

At Elliott of London, we love nothing more than creating pieces of art that truly encourage all that gaze upon them to understand a little more about the incredible wildlife we in Britain are surrounded by. 

Our Robin sculpture is just one of the creations that do just this. And we are always on the lookout for new inspiration that will help us to replicate the wonder of the British countryside in new and innovative ways.

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