Elliott’s Equine’s

The Elliott of London Equine Sculpture's are all go!!
Jumping Horse Sculpture

A quick trip to Rectory Farm Arena’s in Cirencester to collect our 13ft Rearing Horse. Which has been replaced with our beautiful NEW “Grand Prix” Jumping Horse for all the equestrian users of the facilities there to admire & enjoy!

Then off to Exeter, Devon with our Rearing Horse to its new lifetime home – an absolutley stunning location for it we think! Placed next to this lovely lake for a lovely family to enjoy forever.
Our quirky NEW “Balanced Canter” Dressage Horse Busk has been relased for sale & is now on show at our Elliott of London Studio in Hertfordshire.

All of our Equine Sculptures are hand forged by our skilled craftsmen using some of the oldest methods in blacksmith with our Elliott of London modern twists.

Each equine is carefully thought out & designed prior to build, giving each sculpture its own character & life.
Commissions on Equine’s are always welcome.

This is just a handful of the Equine Sculptures we have – If you’d like to view more of our Equine products please see our website.

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