Horseshoe Sculptures

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One of the oldest forming methods is forging. Forging is the process of shaping metals with heat and a variety of tools, horseshoes are made by the forging process. Horseshoes are at the foundation of many of our sculptures. They can be the centre point of a design or used as the building material.

If you look closely at a few of our sculptures you may realise more are made with horseshoes than you initially thought. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite horseshoe based statues to share with you.

The Lucky Horseshoe Statue

First up is the beautiful, simple lucky horseshoe statue made from a trio of horseshoes. Ideal as a display piece for your kitchen or dining area, with the option of personalisation through engraving to make the statue even more personal. Using used horseshoes adds character and sustainability while looking rustic and creative.

If you like the thought our a horseshoe sculpture but are unsure how it will fit into your kitchen design, why not give it a function? With our Horseshoe wine Rack, you can hold 4 or 6 bottles of your favourite wine.

Made with its function in mind but not forgetting about the aesthetics, this wine rack is unlike any others and would create a beautiful centrepiece in any home, kitchen or bar! The horseshoe wine rack can come in black or limited edition gold patina.

Horseshoe Sphere Sculpture

Handmade to order the horseshoe sphere is completely customisable, you have a choice of the size and the finish. Choose between Zinc, Galvanised, Rustic or Colour Paint and whether it is mounted on a seasoned oak plinth, stone or marble plinths!

The sphere is handmade from new & used horseshoes. It would be perfect in any home, business or public area. As this statue offers so much personalisation you will be in direct contact with the sculptor to ensure the Sphere is exactly to your taste, creating a breathtaking experience wherever it is placed.

Bespoke Stag Sculpture

If you want a sculpture that really adds the wow factor then this Majestic Stag is the one for you. The Stag stands tall with fierce antlers rising from its head. Completely bespoke and made to order, you can design and specify the statue, so you can be sure that it will fit perfectly in its desired location.

Made from new and used horseshoes, this statue is sure to amaze everybody who sees it. Perfect to be situated outside, having a powerful presence amongst the wildlife just as a real stag would.

Elliott of London – Handcrafted Sculptures

At Elliott of London, we have a passion for creating astounding sculptures that represent the natural British wildlife. Using used materials, allows us to think about our impact on the environment. 

For more information about these sculptures or to enquire about a bespoke sculpture check out our website shop, Etsy shop or Facebook shop! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 01494 758896 or email us at

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