How Choosing A Smaller Sculpture Can Improve Your Garden

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How Choosing A Smaller Sculpture Can Improve Your Garden

Are you wondering how to take your garden to the next level?

We all know gardening plays an important part in both our environment and health. The benefits are endless so it seems that developing and maintaining a garden that carries an appeal to it is needed. So if you’re unsure of what could make your garden stand out more, perhaps try implementing some smaller sculptures to it.

We understand that when purchasing sculptures for your garden it’s easy to opt for larger sculptures as a centrepiece and many times smaller sculptures are overlooked. These pieces if placed correctly can bring the environment together. They can also serve as multiple points of interest during the winter months. Then during summer become framed and add structure to the garden.

Perfect Positioning Is Key

When positioned correctly garden sculptures can act as a perfect focal point. It’s a common misunderstanding that sculptures must be large to achieve this, when smaller sculptures can achieve the same amount of interest whilst allowing there to be more space.

Finding the perfect position for your sculpture is key. When thinking about smaller sculptures, envision how much space you have and what placement will have the most impact. Some smaller sculptures like pots can serve as a perfect isolated piece. Whereas other smaller sculptures can be hidden away and bring you closer into the garden, acting as a nice surprise to any guests that are walking through.

You can also place smaller sculptures in view as well, the benefit to having these sculptures is being able to use them to work in harmony with your garden. Whereas a larger sculpture could be used in contrast.

Take The Area Space Into Consideration

Another benefit to having smaller sculptures is that they can allow your garden to feel larger. If you have a particularly small garden area you wouldn’t want to take up too much space with your sculpture. Opting for a smaller one allows you to display a work of art without sacrificing the natural landscape that the area has to offer.

Maintaining A Theme With Your Garden

When decorating your garden with sculptures it’s important to maintain a theme. This way you can delicately add to your garden without disrupting what the land has to offer. It’s also a helpful way of deciding what sculptures to choose.

An important and overlooked aspect to take into consideration with theme choosing is taking into account the house. If you have similar materials used in your garden sculptures as is used within the house it allows the sculptures to reflect their environment and work in harmony with its surroundings.

Our Range Of Sculptures

Perhaps after reading this post you feel inspired to add some smaller sculptures to your garden, if so we at Elliott of London have lots to offer and you can view our range here:

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