How To Display Your Garden Sculptures

Garden Display

Buying the sculpture is the easy part but knowing how to position, and where to place your sculpture is the difficult part of starting your own garden display. Now you might think that putting your sculpture in any space will do, but it can actually make your garden look smaller and less valuable.

Why Does Placement Matter

Garden sculptures and ornaments can actually lift your garden in a way that nothing else can. They add focus points which can allow you to manipulate the human eye to make your garden seem bigger than it actually is, or it can distract people from other points in your garden that may not be as desirable.

Focal Points

The most common use of a large garden sculpture is to have it as a focal point, usually you place a large sculpture in an area that would usually be over looked if it wasn’t there. It also helps to draw attention if the sculpture is a complete contrast to the surrounding area. Another great idea for a large area is to frame your sculpture/focal point with plants, trees or flowers.

Mirrored material also works well in outdoor spaces as it reflects the seasons and blends in with all the scenery.

Another point to consider when placing a garden sculpture is ‘how does it look from inside the house’. If you have a large window why not consider placing the sculpture in the centre of the view from that window, so not only is it a focal point outside but inside too.

The most important rule to follow is, don’t have a sculpture too big for a small garden, however even this can sometimes be broken if you get the placement right! If you are wanting to place a large sculpture in the middle of a small garden, make sure you can see through it and people can talk through it that way it doesn’t block of certain areas of the garden – making it seem smaller.

Punctuation Points

Placing a dense, robust sculpture in the middle of a flowerbed adds a lovely contrast in summer when the flowers are in bloom but in winter it can add a touch of elegance to a bare garden.

If you have a very green garden with not many flowers, you may want to add a coloured sculpture to your garden to contrast the green.

What To Consider

When choosing a sculpture for your garden display, ask yourself whether you like contrast or harmony.

If you have prominent materials in your garden already like a stone wall or bronze bird bath, you may want to match the material to bring your garden together. This can create a theme for your garden display. If you have a countryside garden, you may want to have statues of geese, birds or hares like our bolting hare statue.

Another point is if you have a pond or a water feature, this is the perfect place to start your garden display.

Elliott Of London Sculptures

Now these are just a few quick tips on how you can place different sculptures in your garden. If you are looking for a specular sculpture to be the focal point of your garden, view or range today.

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