How We Build Large Horse Sculptures

Galvanised Silver At Full Stretch Horse Sculpture

Located on the borders of Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire, Elliott of London is made up of a small committed team and Charles Elliott himself. The teamwork hard together to create a large selection of metal sculptures.

We at Elliott of London create all shapes and sizes of sculptures ranging from our magnificent large horse sculptures to our metal garden spheres. One of our best-selling and most admired products is our horse sculptures each being made in a number of different ways.

How Is It Done?

Each one of our horse sculptures is bespoke with numerous different ways of them being made. This varies from silver, bronze, and steel. Charles and his team begin the process by drawing out a concept based on their ideas. At first, each piece is designed and handcrafted in the sculpture studio based in Hertfordshire.

The techniques used by the team are both traditional and modern. One of these methods is the power hammer from the 1920s that is used at the studio by the team. This is a huge talking point for people when they are visiting the studio itself.

Modelling Large Horse Sculptures

The process of modelling the structures themselves varies with each material used throughout the process. Bronze is a strong and sturdy material that is used to create several of the sculptures at Elliott of London to allow for incredible detail on pieces such as the Arab Horse Stallion Head created by Charles and his team in 2018.

In this process, the bronze is heated at a very high temperature in a furnace so that it can be melted into a liquid. Once it has been turned into a liquid, it is poured into a casting mould to allow for the detail that is seen in the bronze sculptures, the cast is done before the heating process begins so that the shape of the sculpture comes out cleanly when the bronze is poured onto the cast itself. The sculpture is then sanded or ground down into the final sculpture which can then be presented in whatever environment of your choosing, whether that be inside or outside.

Steel is a high-strength and durable material that Charles and his team have used for a number of their large horse sculptures. These sculptures are pieced together by the process of welding, which requires heating the metal to form a liquid which then is cooled to eventually become a strong joint. These pieces are then gathered to construct and assemble the structure itself, during this process it may occur that the pieces are needed to be shaped or cut down to be assembled together. 

Where Are They Made?

Charles Elliott and his team are based in a studio in Berkhamstead which is a market town in Hertfordshire, London where sometimes Charles may either work on a sculpture himself or he also has a small team to help. Charles is always working on new designs and sculptures on a daily basis. 

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