Illuminate Your Sculpture

Verdigris & Gold Sphere Sculpture

What could be more special than a brand new Elliott of London sculpture? Well, we have a couple of ideas to make sure your new art features are even more spectacular! 

One of these ideas comes in the form of the option to illuminate your new creation. After all, what could make a new exterior sculpture more enticing than warm lighting framing its features?

Our Illuminations

While not possible across our entire range of sculptures, we have made sure to offer the option to add illuminations to as many of our creations as possible. Simply put, this means adding lighting in strategic places to highlight some of the most beautiful features of these sculptures. 

In order to add illuminations to our designs, we first mount them on a plinth. This process, often required in order to ensure the sculpture takes centre stage, can come in almost every colour you can imagine. 

While some prefer a plinth that will blend in with their garden’s features, others want a creation that truly will stand out. Whichever you choose is entirely up to you. After all, it’s our job to accomodate all that you need us to. 

After the plinth has been installed, it is simply a process of feeding whichever lighting you would like through the bottom of the sculpture you have chosen. In doing this, we ensure that we do not damage the integrity of the design while still making sure to add that special spark to it.

Sculpture Options

So, which sculptures offer the opportunity to offer this added feature? One of our most popular illuminated designs is the Verdigris & Gold Sail Sphere Sculpture.

This design, an abstract, hand-forged creation finished with a golden interior, is a versatile piece. It can fit perfectly in exterior and interior settings, and is brought to life by internal illuminations. With small flecks of light bouncing from its shapes, this creation comes to life in the atmospheric world our illuminations create. 

Another of our favourite illuminated sculptures comes in the form of our Rustic Patine Horse Head. This design encompasses the details of its muses facial features while still offering a subtle power in its rustic design. 

Attached to its plinth, which can come in black or with an added rustic finish, lights illuminate the features of this creation from below. Offering a unique insight into a never-before-seen version of this design, these illuminations bounce off from the ragged surface of this design. 

Just two of the many sculptures we offer that come along with the option to add these illuminations, we think they showcase just what can be done with an added light.

Elliott of London

At Elliott of London, we have one very specific mission in mind: to create beautiful hand-crafted sculptures that are inspired by the British countryside. And we have plenty of bows in our quiver when it comes to making sure these sculptures are just as incredible as the animals they are based upon.

From added illuminations to rustic finishes, our team works to make sure each and every piece we put together is as unique as it is stunning.

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