Keeping up with the Trends with your Garden Sculpture

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Garden spaces now have a new meaning after the whole shift in work with more people working from home. People with a lovely garden space have the opportunity to work surrounded by nature.  Why not have a lovely Garden Sculpture to embellish your outdoor workspace/chill spot. We want to help you choose the right piece for your space while following the key trends this year.

So, What Are the Trends for 2022?

1. Sustainability

Sustainable living is not new per se however it’s all everyone is talking about. With global warming being one of the leading issues, everything we do has to be sustainable and contribute to sustainable living. We have a great range of sculptures that are long lasting and sustainable (due to the metals we use) for your decorative style. You have the opportunity to work with us to create a bespoke sculpture for your garden making sure its a right fit for you. Some of our favourite sculptures are:

  • The Beech Leaf Sphere Sculpture
  • The Black & Copper Sail Sphere Sculpture

These are inspired by the modern & contemporary feel which can be used as a garden focal point.

We also love creating animal sculptures to represent our great British Wildlife. From badgers to horses we create them all. If you feel you’d like to bring you’re garden to life, maybe choosing one of our animal sculptures would be the best option for you.

  • Next, we have our Bolting Hare Sculpture
  • Our Cute Badger Sculpture


We could go on all day showing you our collections for our sculptures! Feel free to continue the search here.


Having a functional garden design means having a garden that has multipurpose functionality. Hugo Bugg, an award-winning garden designer states that ‘Making spaces work harder for longer seasonal use, from fire pits to outdoor furniture, is the current trend’. ‘It’s how we keep the visual interest doing through the seasons’. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Garden Firepits:

This freestanding garden focal point is ideal for entertaining and keeping warm during the colder evenings. These can sit within a practical Ash Pan to Protect your lawn or Patio.

We also have our contemporary handmade metal benches, perfect for a functionally beautiful addition to your garden.

These are one of a kind and are handmade with a bespoke Zinc Galvanised and T Wash Finish. What best way to add functionality with style to your garden space.

Embracing the Curves

Lastly. all of the garden designers out there have started to embrace the curves. It gives a fluid, soft and organic feel to the garden creating a comforting and relaxing vibe to gardens. Our garden sculptures would be a really great choice if you’re thinking of bringing the curves to your garden space this year. Some of our favourites are:

  • The Spiral Sculpture
  • Our Equilibrio Sculpture
  • Our ‘Winter Breeze’ Stainless Steel Sculpture

All handcrafted for your pleasure!

Elliott of London

At Elliott of London, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional sculptures to make sure your garden looks as good as it can.

From life-size animal creations to abstract sculptures that you can be sure will draw the eye, we create and install pieces of art that not only suit the flow of your outside space but also add a little something special to it.

To find out more about our garden sculptures, and any other work that we do, make sure to check out our Facebook page or our website or to give one of our friendly team a call @ 01494758896.

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