Adding Something Different To Your Garden

small modern fire pit

Metal Garden Art

Looking for something unique and bespoke for your garden? Elliott Of London can provide you with authentic metal garden art, bringing your open space to life! Art plays a significant role in how humans can interact with their environment as well as others. People appreciate art in a variety of ways including paintings, music, dance, drawings and sculptures. Nowadays, gardening is one of the most popular ways to do this, making metal garden art grown in interest and popularity in recent years.

Why Should I Invest In Garden Art?

As well as our metal garden art being carefully crafted by hand, each piece is individually designed. This is what makes Elliot Of London’s sculptures one of a kind and unique. Metal garden art also creates a realistic and beautiful garden making it a place where you can unwind from the outside world and everyday stresses and worries. Whether in a workplace or property there is no doubt that a garden is a favourite and relaxing place for many. Adding sculptures and art to your garden gives a focal point to the open space you’re in.

Metal sculptures and art also add a whole new dimension and look to your gardens just when you think you are bored with your standard and bare garden. Thanks to their unbeatable quality handcrafted by Charles and our team, metal garden art stands out the most in your garden catching the eyes of any visitors.

Key Benefits Of Metal Garden Art

Over the past few years, people have come to prefer living a healthier lifestyle such as organic and green life. One of the most popular green industry trends has been to build and design gardens. Many people have begun to introduce metal garden art to their landscapes, which can result in various benefits such as:

  • Easy to use – the variety of shapes, textures and sizes has made it easier for gardeners and people to implement them into their gardens
  • Attractive Piece
  • Durable – suitable for the outdoor environment as well as having a longer life span than other artwork made for gardens
  • Adaptable – the use of metal used allows the art to be used both indoor and outdoor

Modern Fire Pit

Our new modern fire pit is a free-standing garden focal point ideal for entertaining in your garden during the colder months and evenings. The sculpture is finished in a natural glowing progressive Rustic Patina. Available to customise through size, ash pan and installation, as well as being able to select delivery within or out of the UK.

As you are able to custom your size from 65cm, 1m, 1.25m and 1.5m, this art feature would be ideal and suitable for the varied sizes of gardens and open spaces. Bringing family and friends together whilst benign able to stay warm – perfect combination for the winter period.

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