Our Favourite Animal Sculptures

Elliott of London's founder Charles Elliott is not only a sculptor in all things metal but is also an avid Bronze Sculptor.
Abstract Jumping Horse Sculpture On Marble Plinth

When thinking of the sculptures we truly love to create, we can’t help but think of our bronze animal sculptures. Each one has its own unique style and design that would fit in perfectly with any landscape.

Using this versatile, rustic medium, we love to create incredible realistic sculptures. Each one has been intricately crafted to display the hidden beauty in every animal. If you look closely, you can see the specific details of each creature. We have a very wide range of animal sculptures to choose from, and though we would love to display them all on this post, we’ve picked out a few favourites to share with you.

The Red Robin Sculpture

First up, we couldn’t help but include our red robin sculpture in this list. This small, intricate design allows you to take a look into the soul of its muse. Each detail has been specifically chosen to bring it to life.

This sculpture highlights the beauty of bronze sculptures and the flexibility they provide. While small, it effortlessly stands out in any interior or exterior setting. Really, could you imagine a better feature for your outside space?

Red Stag Head Sculpture

If you are looking for something that stands a little taller than our red robin design, then the red stag head sculpture is sure to be up your alley. 

Again showing off intricate detail, this limited edition creation represents the power of a stag’s horns. It is a design that we loved imagining and love even more now it is finished.

Jumping Horse Interior Sculpture

In need of a fascinating interior sculpture? Our jumping horse design is simple and elegant in equal measure. For this sculpture, we wanted to capture the motion that athleticism a horse leaping can emote. 

The bronze medium of this creation reflects every piece of light that hits it, further adding to the dramatism its shape reflects.

Elliott of London

At Elliott of London, we love creating sculptures that represent the incredible nature of our great British wildlife. From Robins to Horses and Deer, we work hard to capture the essence of these creatures in all that we do. 

For more information about these sculptures or other structures from our store please check out our website shop, Etsy shop or Facebook shop! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 01494 758896 or email us at info@elliottoflondon.co.uk.

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