Our Favourite Silver Sculptures

Elliott of London's founder Charles Elliott is not only a sculptor in all things metal but is also an avid Bronze Sculptor.
Horse busk

Silver sculptures are very appealing to the human eye as they are bright and smooth. Many of Elliot Of London’s silver sculptures are galvanised with zinc. Galvanisation is the process of immersing a material, usually steel, into a tank of molten zinc, at a temperature of around 450 degrees or until the molten zinc reacts with the surface of the steel. This forms a series of zinc/iron alloys. This alloy makes the material more durable and sustainable which therefore means it will make your sculpture last longer.

As many of our sculptures are galvanised you can be assured that they will be protected from nature and rust for over 30 years! Here are a few of our favourite silver sculptures that would look great in your garden.

The Sheep Sculpture

First up, is the adorable sheep sculpture. Created from 6mm round mild steel which has been bent and moulded into spirals to represent the woolly-ness of a real sheep’s wool. It has the luxurious progressive hot zinc exterior galvanised finish, to protect it from nature and rust.

Each sheep is custom made to fit perfectly in your desired location. We even offer a small display of ram and sheep flock sculptures that go perfectly together. They would look amazing in a large outdoor space.

Working Horse Head Busk Sculpture

This silver sculpture beautifully represents the elegant structure of a working horse’s head. It has been galvanised in Zinc to create a luxurious finish, that not only looks good but will last a lifetime! This sculpture can be brought with the addition of an illumination kit, so it can be a beautiful garden feature, day or night.

This example is mounted on a black plinth, however you have the choice of a stone or metal plinth that can be coloured to suit you. The average size of this sculpture is 90cm in width, 120cm in height and 180cm in length. Due to its size we also offer an installation service, so you don’t need to worry about transporting it.

Galvanised Fox Sculpture

If you are looking for a sculpture that is on the smaller side but still would make a good garden piece, then the silver fox sculpture is for you. This unique structure represents the body of a fox looking off into the distance, with its ears pricked, its stance locked and its tail very bushy. 

The average size of this structure is 70cm in height, 130cm in length and 30cm in width making it a lovely size for a garden display. 

Elliott of London

At Elliott of London, we love creating sculptures that represent the magnificent shapes of our wildlife. From horses to birds, we strive to replicate the natural beauty of these animals so you can have a beautiful display within your garden all year long. 

For more information about these silver sculptures or any others that you see on our store, please check out our website shop, Etsy shop or Facebook shop! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 01494 758896 or email us at info@elliottoflondon.co.uk.

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