Our Horse Head Sculptures

green horse sculpture

At Elliott of London, we spend our days creating incredible sculptures that are inspired by the nature we see everyday. From Fox Sculptures to creations depicting Badgers in their natural habitat, we love replicating the beauty the British countryside can offer in our work. 

Despite the expansive collection of sculptures we have on offer, there are some designs that remain our favourite to create. These sculptures depict majestic horses as they gallop through the meadows of Hertfordshire. Or, they simply highlight the beauty of the horse’s intricate facial features.

Our Horse Head Sculptures have long been some of our most popular, and our favourite to create. That’s why we’ve made so many variations of them. 

Rustic Patina Horse Head

We couldn’t tell you all about how much we love creating horse head sculptures without showing you some of our favourite horse-related designs. 

The first of these options is the Rustic Patina Horse Head. This creation stands at 1.2 meters tall, and has been created using steel shapes. To add a unique, rustic feel to the design, the metal utilised to create this sculpture has been aged with a beautiful patina.

Hot Zinc Galvanised Horse Head Sculpture

Stunninly made in the same methods as our Rustic Patina Horse Head, this one is Hot Zinc Galvanised to give the infamous sliver finsih we use at Elliott of London. This style & finish is available in our 1.2m, 2m & now even 4m high!

Bronze Horse Head Sculpture

Next up, our Bronze Horse Head Sculpture. The perfect design for anyone with a flare for the unusual, these sculptures take advantage of the aging possible when creating bronze sculptures. Each detail entirely created & placed together by hand using Bronze pieces, finished with a green hue and mounted on a black plinth, this striking creation fits right in amongst the garden art features of horse lovers or art lovers country-wide.

Working Horse Head Bust Sculpture

Finally, our Working Horse Head Bust Sculpture is one of our newer creations, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty or complexity. Designed with a luxurious galvanised finish, this piece represents the power and complexity of its majestic muse in equal measure. 

And if that wasn’t special enough, our team can add a little more dazzle to any of your sculptures in the form of illuminations in its base. This way, your designs will have as much to say at night as they do in the day.

Elliott of London

At Elliott of London, we love taking inspiration from the world that surrounds us to create mesmerising pieces of art. That’s why so many of our pieces look to celebrate the wildlife that makes the British countryside so spectacular. 

Just one option of many, our horse head sculptures do just this: they work to showcase the grace and strength of this staple of English wildlife in equal measure. The end result is delicate sculptures that transform any space they are added to into the place to be.

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