Our Sponsored Athletes

As some of you may know we sponsor a few athletes that set a trend throughout our sculpting ways.
Man Showjumping On A Brown Horse

Their dedication, passion & drive spurs us on to keep up our good work whilst adding to our small Elliott of London team!
Each one brings something different to the table & we love being a part of the training, adventures, wins, achievements & day to day lives & routines they all have!

Meet Joe Stockdale our International Show Jumping Sponsored Rider:
Our young driven & dedicated international showjumper Joe has been with us for a few years now & what a few years it has been for him & his team! We have been blown away with the results Joe has produced, the shows he has been invited too & the wins that just keep coming!
Its an absolute pleasure to have Joe as part of our team, he is a brilliant ambassador & we just love watching him progress!

Meet David Britnell our Eventing Sponsored Rider:
Our longest standing sponsored athlete, David, has been a huge part of the EOL Team for many years now, we have been so proud to stand next to him over the last few years watching him grow professionally in the sport & we hope to continue to do so!
David has taken himself & one of his horse’s a million miles further than any one equine could dream of & we have had the pleasure of watching this partnership flourish! Now set up in his lovely new yard with a wonderful string of horses we can’t wait to see what’s next for David! Looking forward to super successful few years ahead!

Meet Mitchell Smith our Sponsored Pro Boxer:
Down to earth, family man, Mitchell Smith hasn’t been on the EOL Team very long, but he is still a highly valued member! He started his career as any boxer does & very quickly found himself as 2015 Young Boxer of The Year! He then went on winning a variety of belts & titles along the way, he is now back at it & training with a close friend of Charles – Luke Groves @ LG Boxing. Mitchell is now well on his way & back on track for pushing his way to World Champion!
We have loved seeing Mitchell’s journey so far & can’t wait to see what comes next for him!

Our sponsorship does not stop there & we are always looking for new sponsors opportunities, if you think you have that special something & you would like to part of the Elliott of London Sponsored Team please do get in touch!
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