Our Unique Range Of Horseshoe Sculptures

Fighting Stags Sculpture

If you have had a browse through our website or shop, you are sure to have noticed that our chosen medium for sculpting is metal. Whilst using metal such as steel wire and bronze can be considered normal types of metal to use while sculpting, the creation of horseshoe sculptures is not so common.

Horseshoes are a rare medium when it comes to building sculptures. This may be due to the fact that they can be difficult to use or perhaps it is just the artist’s personal preference. Whatever the reason, you would be hard-pressed to find such a unique range of horseshoe sculptures.

Horseshoe Wine Rack

If you enjoy art but prefer for it to have a use, this may be the perfect sculpture for you. Despite the fact that is small, this horseshoe wine rack has still been beautifully designed and would make an elegant addition to your kitchen or dining area.

Each horseshoe has been finished with a beautiful gold colouring that is sure to draw the eye of any visitor that stops by. Not only will it look beautiful in your home, but it is also functional and can be used to hold up to 6 bottles of wine! Although we do not provide you with the wine, you can fill it up with your favourite brands once you get it home.

Climbing Stag Bellow

This fantastic climbing stag sculpture is a limited edition sculpture, so if you think it would be the perfect addition to your garden, you better act fast. Despite the fact that horseshoes can be tricky to work with, this sculpture perfectly captures the movement of the stag as he climbs onto the rock. The horseshoes have been used to give the effect of the stags mane up along his neck by grouping them closer together than across the body.

This sculpture would look fantastic in any garden. It brings the feel of nature with it due to the natural colouring of the upcycled horseshoes. It will add a unique touch to the space as so few have been created so it will be different to any garden art that others have.

Three Horseshoe Wall Art

Though this piece may not class as a sculpture, it certainly deserves a mention in this blog post. This simple piece of wall art uses only three horseshoes. In the eighteenth century, it was believed that horseshoes were lucky due to their crescent shape. The Chaldeans thought that they represented their moon Goddess and therefore protected them from the curse of the evil eye.

Whether you believe in horseshoes being lucky or not, this wall art would be a wonderful feature piece for any space. Whether you want it displayed on the wall or a door it is sure to look fantastic. Plus, bringing a little bit of extra luck into your home couldn’t do any harm!

Fighting Stags Sculpture

These full-sized fighting stags would look fantastic in a large garden. This horseshoe sculpture perfectly captures the aggression of the fight, which is a juxtaposition to the beauty of the art itself. 

This sculpture is completely one of a kind, so if it is something you want for your garden you will need to act fast. This feature piece will blow your friends and family away. Not only that, but it will look fantastic no matter the weather. Even on a cold and snowy morning, this sculpture will not lose its charm.

Elliott Of London Horseshoe Sculptures

These are just a few of the horseshoe sculptures that we have available at Elliot Of London. To see the rest of our horseshoe range, check out our shop today. If you would like more information about one of the sculptures mentioned in this post, contact us today.

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