Prestige Animal Sculptures

jockey and horse sculpture in field

A large animal sculpture is something we love to create at Elliott Of London. As we our proudly British many of the animals we sculpt can be found in english wildlife like hares, horses, birds and sheep. Our prestige animal sculptures are made from a range of different materials and can come in a range of different sizes.

Dressage Horse Sculpture


‘Perfecting Piaffe’ was inspired by World Champion Dressage Horse Valegro ‘Blueberry’ ridden by Charlotte Dujardincbe CBE & owned by Carl Hester MBE, Roly Luard & Ann Barrott.

Within each sculpture, Charles uses inspiration from various horses, studying characteristics and proportions to capture the life within the movement. This sculpture is 3/4 of the size of a real dressage horse.

This is one of his latest one off sculptures of The Elliott of London Equestrian Sculpture Range. Each Sculpture in the range is completely unique and built by hand in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire.



Horse Head Sculpture


Sizing at 1.2m this horse head is a prestige animal sculpture.

Handcrafted by Charles Elliot using 6mm plate steel shapes arranged to make this beautiful horse head. Finished in a luxurious zinc galvanise which allows it to last a lifetime even outside! Mounted on a black steel plinth but can be a colour of your choosing.

Illumination kits are also available for this sculpture.


Lion Sculpture

This statue is a one off full size bespoke lion sculpture and is now available to buy. It is handmade in Buckinghamshire by our very own Charles Elliott. It is made from 8mm round mild steel to indicate power and flow. It has a luxurious progressive zinc exterior with a galvanised finish to protect the piece from nature and rust for over 30 years!

I’s height is 2.3m, length is 4.1m and width is 0.9m at shoulders and width of mane is 1.4m.


Ostrich Bronze Sculpture


Another great sculpture we have is our Ostrich Sculpture. This is a limited edition sculpture with only 9 being available in the world. Charles Elliot personally designed the ostrich then Bronze plated it. This is a fairly large sculpture, as it is 35cm in height, 40cm length and 17cm Depth.


Elliott Of London Sculptures

If your looking for an impressive, one-of-a-kind sculpture to bring the wow factor to your homes or business view or range today. Most of our sculptures here at Elliott of London can be customised and tweaked to suit your environment.

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