The Iconic Horse Sculpture

Charles Elliott With Blue Memory Jumping Horse

At Elliot Of London, we proudly present our horse sculpture, which would be the perfect addition to any garden. With the summer weather fast approaching, the addition of a horse sculpture will be sure to make your garden the perfect haven for you and your loved ones. 

Our Favourites

It’s always hard to choose a favourite, however, it would be unfair to not mention our 13ft rearing horse sculpture, which is handcrafted at a lifesize scale.  This astonishing art piece is inspired by Charles’s family, who share a love of horses. This horse sculpture is part of the Elliot Of London’s most recent horse collection. This luxurious piece is sculpted out of 8mm round mild steel to indicate power and flow. It has been finished with a zinc exterior galvanised finish to provide protection of the piece from any rusting or damage from nature. 

Handmade in Buckinghamshire, another of our favourite pieces is the silver dressage metal horse. This incredible and timeless piece is surely one to remember, with its stunning design being 320cm in length and 220cm high. With the addition of this incredible piece in your garden, you can expect it to last a lifetime and be the central focus of any outdoor space. Elements of unity, strength and dominance are prominent in this flawless design. 

In addition to these pieces, Elliot Of London has a working horse head busk sculpture in their collection which has been handcrafted using plate steel shapes. This remarkable piece is definitely one to remember, with it measuring 120cm in height and 180cm in length. With this horse sculpture in your garden, it is sure to last a lifetime due to its zinc galvanised finish which is also available in a rustic patina. There is more than what meets the eye with this outstanding piece as it can be illuminated to really showcase and brighten up your garden. As well as this, your sculpture can be mounted on either a stone or metal plinth and finished in a colour to suit your sculpture and garden. Our horse head sculpture is perfect for any outdoor space. 

How are they crafted?

Charles Elliot handcrafts his sculptures himself at his studio in Hertfordshire. Each sculpture in the range is completely unique and one of a kind. Each piece is forged by hand using metal and Charles Elliot captures the real movements and energy to make each piece lifelike. He uses a range of modern and traditional techniques to design and create each sculpture, with some of these techniques even dating back to the 1900s. It is with his trusty power hammer that Charles Elliot creates texture within his pieces.

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