The Lucky Horseshoe Sculptures


The horseshoe sculptures are considered to be lucky due to being made by blacksmiths, which was considered a very lucky trade. It was believed that blacksmiths had special powers because they worked with elemental fire and magical iron. Horseshoes can often be seen hanging over the entrance of a home, worn as jewellery or given as gifts as they are thought to bring good luck and protection.

Our Horseshoe Sculptures

As you will see we have a range of horseshoe sculptures on our site such as our Horseshoe Wine Rack. This is the perfect piece of art to add to any kitchen or dining room whilst also having purpose to it. Each horseshoe is carefully crafted by our talented craftsmen and has been finished with a beautiful gold colouring.

Not only will this add an unmatched elegance to any room but it is also functional with space for up to 6 wine bottles. The sculpture has an individual beauty meaning that if preferred the sculpture can stand alone as a single art piece, it’s entirely up to you!

Climbing Stag Bellow

The horseshoe sculptures have been used by grouping them close together to give the effect of the stags mane whilst also capturing the movement of the stag whilst he climbs onto the rock. The horseshoe has been used differently within this feature and has blended into the stag sculpture as opposed to being the centrepiece design. The Climbing Stag Bellow is the perfect addition to any garden, bringing the look and feel of nature as well as including the upcycled horseshoes to add something different.

Elliott Of London Horseshoe Sculptures

As you will see across our site our horseshoe sculptures are an extremely popular choice as a centrepiece as well as to be used amongst larger sculptures. Whether you believe the sculpture to carry luck or not, the horseshoe sculptures are the perfect addition to any home or garden bringing an unmatched amount of character and elegance.

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