Transform Your Garden With Sculptures

Beech Leaf Sphere Sculpture in Woodland

There are plenty of ways in which you can bring your garden to life. From planting new flowers to adding garden furniture, there are many different methods you can use. However, one method of transforming your garden is to decorate it with sculptures.

There are so many different types of garden sculptures that would help to revitalise your outdoor space. As the weather is getting warmer, we are spending more time in our gardens. Even adding a small sculpture to a garden nook can make all the difference to the space.

How To Choose Garden Sculptures

One of the best things to remember when choosing sculptures for your garden is not to get caught up in the current trends. The sculpture you choose will be around for years to come and will not change as trends evolve. It is important to choose a piece that you find pleasing to the eye and that you believe will enhance your garden.

Choose a sculpture that complements the style of your garden, for example, consider an abstract sculpture for a contemporary garden. By doing this your sculpture will help to increase the beauty of the garden itself in addition to standing out on its own.

Consider the size of the sculptures in comparison to the size of your garden. If you buy a monumental piece for a small garden it may ruin your outdoor space rather than enhance it. In contrast, getting a very small sculpture for a large garden could lead to the artwork being lost amongst the shrubberies.

Think about where you want to see your sculpture. Would you like to be able to see it from your house, or would you rather place it in a secluded area so that you can only view it from outside. It is important to consider this as it will impact what type of sculpture you choose.

Where To Place Your Sculptures

When it comes to placing your new sculptures, there are a lot of different factors to consider. The first, as stated above would be choosing from where you want to be able to see your sculpture. By deciding this you will be able to narrow down the number of places in which the sculpture can go.

If you have purchased a large sculpture, it will act as a focal point and draw attention to that area of the garden. Consider placing it in one of your favourite spots so that your eye will instantly be drawn to it.

Abstract sculptures can be viewed from all angles so once again make can make a fantastic focal point. These types of sculptures were designed to evoke curiosity and emotions. It is best that they are placed somewhere they can be viewed from all angles, at a distance and up close.

Smaller sculptures draw you into the garden. They cannot be seen from a huge distance so they often draw surprise from those who see them. Placing a smaller sculpture amongst a mass of flowers will highlight its beauty and bring delight to those who view it.

Our Range

At Elliott Of London, we have a huge range of sculptures that could work perfectly and transform your garden into a haven. No matter the style of your garden, you are sure to find a piece that you love. Check out our range today!

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