What Can A Garden Sculpture Offer?

Every year, millions of us make some pretty common new year’s resolutions. One of them, almost inevitably, is the promise to give our homes and gardens a much-needed makeover. And to make this happen, there are plenty of routes available to take. 

One perhaps less common avenue is the option to add a little art into your everyday life. Which is, in case you haven’t been able to tell, where we come in. 

Art can come in the form of many different creations, some more subtle while others have been designed to be stand-out pieces. At Elliott of London, we create some of each: clean-cut interior designs made for the mantle-piece, and large stand-out pieces designed to make a statement amongst a vast outside space.

Garden Sculptures: A Brief History

If you are looking for a large, stand-out variety of art, you may well be in the market for a garden sculpture. But why invest in one of these often expensive pieces of work? Is the hype of owning an original garden sculpture really worth it?

Believe it or not, garden art actually dates back as far as the Egyptian period. As it turns out, everyone wants to make their outside space the place to be. But as you might expect, the garden creations of this period differ somewhat from the options on offer to you. 

In fact, in Ancient Egypt and for many years following this time, flowers and natural creations formed the staple of all garden art. It wasn’t until we as a society learned to harness the creative opportunities some mediums offered that we were able to add traditional art pieces to outside spaces without the worry that they would corrode.

Why Buy A Garden Sculpture?

At their core, modern garden sculptures still look to represent the natural world in their essence. There is no set size for creations such as this, however, all must command their own space in an often crowded arena. 

It is for this reason, the ability of a garden sculpture to draw the eye and make an environment their own, that so many are drawn to adding these features to their land. And it is for this reason that we would recommend you do the same!

While an intricate interior design offers the detailing that some outside sculptures may miss, the fact is that garden creations must be powerful enough to withstand the changing seasons and the gails that often come along with a British winter.

Garden Sculpture Designs

While, as mentioned, garden sculptures do not adhere to one set of rules or design regulations, there are some recommendations that most keep in mind. That’s because the last thing any artist could want is to finish their next piece only to watch it wash away as the cold weather comes in. 

It is for this reason that durable metal is used when it comes to garden designs, and finishes added that help the piece age as well as it can. In doing this, many look to integrate their protective finishes into their finished pieces.

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