What Is Patination?

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When creating our animal sculptures, there are plenty of steps that go into the process. While we aren’t going to share with you our deepest darkest secrets in this regard, we did think we would take some time to explain one of these processes: patination. 

If you are looking for a new sculpture, the concept of patination may be something that you come across time and time again. But what does it actually mean, and how could it change the look of your design?

What Is Patination?

Patination is actually a natural process. It refers to the impact of weathering a sculpture, often resulting in a change in colour. If you have gazed upon any exterior sculpture before, you may have noticed this change in colour. 

But patination can also be a man-made process; it refers to the process of encouraging a sculpture to develop in colour in a particular way. Most commonly seen in bronze or copper designs, patination helps to change the colours of a design to reflect green, blue, or red hues, depending on the base metal.

Instead of waiting for nature to take its course, artists looking to patinate their animal sculptures may choose to utilise chemicals to artificially stimulate the ageing process, resulting in a creation that looks as though it has stood the test of time no matter how old it actually is.

Patination Vs Rusting

Rusting is another method used by artists to artificially adapt the colour and tone of their sculptures. However, it may surprise you to know that both methodologies do not have exactly the same impact on the designs they are used upon.

Rust is caused by the deterioration of a metal substance over time. Because of this, rust can impact the integrity of a sculpture, making it weaker and more brittle. Conversely, patination is conducted through oxidation. This does not require the deterioration of the structure of the metal it is placed upon and is therefore much safer when it comes to the long-term health of the sculpture.

Our Patinated Designs: Animal Sculptures & Abstract Designs

Since we are discussing patination, we thought that there is no better time to let you know of some of our favourite patinated designs. From small animal sculptures to large abstract installation pieces, we use patination for a variety of different designs.

To find out more about the sculptures we produce, make sure to check out our website or to get in touch with our friendly team. We are always on hand to help!

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