Why Choose Bronze Sculptures?

Bronze Female Torso Bronze

For millennia, Bronze has been the medium of choice for sculptors worldwide. From Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ to the ‘Little Mermaid’ that has long blessed the shoreline of Copenhagen, Bronze creations have graced the world’s most exquisite collections.

To this day, creators are still utilising this metal in their designs. In fact, the prevalence of bronze sculptures appears to be ever growing. But why is this medium so popular, and why should you choose a bronze sculpture when there are so many styles on offer?

The History of Bronze Sculptures

To find a note of the first ever bronze sculpture, or at least the first creation discovered, we must travel all the way back to 2500 BC. This is when Mohenjodaro’s ‘Dancing Girl’ first appeared, and when the world’s love affair with bronze statues started. 

Since then, bronze sculptures hailing from Roman and Ancient Greek civilisations have been discovered and preserved, while Sri Lankan and Chinese creations have also been collected in smaller numbers.

Why Artists Choose Bronze

The process of creating any sculpture can be painstaking, and bronze sculptures are no different. However, when forging a design out of bronze, there are several options available to artists that are not available when using other materials.

First and foremost, artists use bronze because, in the casting process, it is possible to achieve both detail and consistency. This is because, as molten bronze solidifies, it expands slightly. This process helps to make sure every detail included within the mold of the creation is captured. 

And that isn’t the only reason that artists choose bronze to create their sculptures in. One of the most important reasons behind this choice is, as you may already know, the colour that bronze sculptures are able to achieve is unparalleled. 

After all, If you are looking for deep, complex hues and a colour profile that truly does change with every sunbeam that hits it, then bronze certainly is the best option for you.

Our Bronze Creations

At Elliott of London, we love creating beautiful animal sculptures. And bronze is one of our favourite mediums to do this with. From small, intricate designs to larger pieces made for outside spaces, we have long used this metal to create incredible designs. Some of our favourites include our Running Hare and Kingfisher Sculpture. 

The Kingfisher, first designed this year, is one of our newer creations and one that, we think, truly represents the versatility of this medium. Its feathers and facial features can be seen a mile out, and the closer you look, the more tiny details there are that come to the light. 

To find out more about our bronze sculptures, and any other work that we do, make sure to check out our website or to give one of our friendly team a call.

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