Why Invest In Garden Sculptures?

Elliott of London's founder Charles Elliott is not only a sculptor in all things metal but is also an avid Bronze Sculptor.
small rabbit running sculpture

Everybody wants to make sure their garden looks its best. From perfectly cut grass to stand-out features, there are plenty of different aspects that all come into play when designing a garden to be proud of.

One of these aspects is the option to include artwork within your outside space. But is a garden sculpture an investment that is worth it? Well, we certainly think so.

Ornament Vs Sculpture

Garden ornaments can be found everywhere, but most look cheap and highly manufactured. While cute, they rarely offer a sense of adding a true piece of art to your home, and can sometimes harm the overall aesthetic of outside space you have spent a long time curating to look its best.

So what makes a garden sculpture different? The simple answer is: a sculpture is not a cheaply manufactured statue, it is a hand-crafted piece of art made specifically for your home and style. These options help to ensure your garden looks like a beautifully curated addition to your home, instead of a dumping ground for unwanted ornaments.

And with a sculpture, you may even have the opportunity to create a bespoke piece for your home. Many sculptors take on bespoke projects, building a one-of-a-kind design that you can truly show off with.

The Different Garden Sculptures Available

If you are looking for a beautiful garden sculpture, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most popular include animal sculptures, depicting wild creatures in a manner that replicates their natural habitat.

At Elliott of London, we love creating animal sculptures that replicate the personality that each of our muses holds. They depict hares running through the grass and deer grazing. From badgers to horses, our creations offer an option to bring wildlife into your back garden.

Another option available to you is a sculpture that offers a little more to the imagination. Bespoke sculptures offer an art installation that never fails to spark a conversation.

Elliott Of London

At Elliott of London, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional sculptures to make sure your garden looks as good as it can.

From life-size animal creations to abstract sculptures that you can be sure will draw the eye, we create and install pieces of art that not only suit the flow of your outside space but also add a little something special to it.

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