7ft Galvanised Boxing Hares Sculpture

7ft Pair Of Galvanised Boxing Hare Sculptures

Handcrafted by eye, using 8mm round metal bar, each piece individually curved by hand before being sculpted.




Sculpture Dimensions:

Hare 1:
Height: 220cm
Width: 80cm
Length: 165cm

Hare 2:
Height: 250cm
Width: 50cm
Length: 130cm

As a testament to their enduring beauty, they are now offered in a breathtaking handpainted Matte Black & Gold patina, a finish that promises to retain its allure for a lifetime.

Every stroke of the artist’s brush is infused with intention, each layer of paint meticulously applied to create a seamless fusion of deep, velvety black and radiant, lustrous gold. The interplay between these exquisite hues adds depth and dimension, elevating the sculptures to a level of captivating sophistication.

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