Black & Gold Horse Head Sculpture 2m

As a testament to their enduring beauty, they are now offered in a breathtaking hand painted Matte Black & Gold patina, a finish that promises to retain its allure for a lifetime.


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Sculpture Dimensions:

Height: 3 metres including the plinth.

Every stroke of the artist’s brush is infused with intention, each layer of paint meticulously applied to create a seamless fusion of deep, velvety black and radiant, lustrous gold. The interplay between these exquisite hues adds depth and dimension, elevating the sculptures to a level of captivating sophistication.

To enhance their visual impact even further, each sculpture is mounted on a sleek black steel plinth, carefully designed to provide a sturdy foundation and enhance the artwork’s presence. But it doesn’t stop there. The plinth is ingeniously equipped with internal illumination, casting a subtle and enchanting glow upon the sculptures, accentuating their intricate details and casting captivating shadows.

Please note: Illumination kits available for this sculpture – illuminating from the plinth at the muzzle of the horse for maximum effect.

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