Roe Deer Sculpture

Stunning Roe Deer Stag Sculpture

If you are anything like us, you love the majestic beauty of the wildlife that surrounds us. Our stunning Roe Deer Stag Sculpture has been designed to celebrate just this allure. 

Created with a naturalistic finish, everything about this sculpture has been hand-forged and curated to offer a glimpse into the grace and charm of this animal. 

And, for a little something special, the antlers were hand forged and textured added, using a weld on techniques to capture the authenticity of the roes life like antlers

Do you love it as much as we do? Pick up this magnificent creation today, or check out our installation options.




Overall Height: 150cm

Overall Lenght: 130cm

Overall Depth: 50cm

Height at the back: 82cm

Body Length: 100cm

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