Verdigris & Gold Column Sculpture

Handmade in Buckinghamshire Designed and Handcrafted by Charles Elliott & his team from mild steel with a luxurious progressive Verdigris Aged Bronze Exterior and glowing Gold gilt Interior.

This piece is hot zinc galvanised initially to secure and protect the piece from nature and rust for over 30 years.

“Each sail piece individually textured and finished with a luxurious patina by hand!” Charles Elliott Inspired by nature, with weather aged Patina on the outside with new bright gold on the inside. It can be used as a garden focal point or also as an interior piece, it can be scaled down accordingly and illuminated internally.

Available floating above ground level!



Delivery and Installation Services Available – Worldwide Shipping and International Delivery Available!

Alternative sizes and alternative finished plinths are available at additional costing – please call for more information.

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