Becoming Bespoke

Stag Head

Every sculpture is designed and hand-crafted by Charles Elliott & his small talented team in the one & only UK-based workshop. Working alongside our wonderful client’s for all bespoke pieces, together they go through our step-by-step motions in order to create your custom bespoke sculpture in question.

From your idea in your head to a life-size sketch in chalk, then to a metal 2D outline bringing it to its real size, it then transforms into an energy-filled sculpture which hopefully is just as you imagined! Our small team of craftsmen work closely together to bring each sculpture to life.

No matter how big or small the sculpture is, the passion, time & thought that goes into each piece is the same. Creating timeless pieces that can be admired and enjoyed by all for many years to come is what drives us to make high-quality sculptures time and time again.

We offer these bespoke services to all. We also have installation and delivery options available for each sculpture. These services ensure that the sculptures get to their rightful places/locations without a hitch or glitch.

To bring your ideas or simple thoughts to life, you’re just a simple email away from starting the process. Get in touch today!


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