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Approximately one year ago the Elliott of London team formed a partnership with Formula E and UNICEF, the all-electric motorsport organization commissioned a sculpture along with us, ‘Children’s Planet’, with the aim to raise awareness of children and young people remaining disproportionately affected by the effects of climate change.

The money raised from this sale will directly contribute to UNICEF’s work on climate change which helps create a planet where every child can live in a safe, clean and sustainable environment. These global climate programmes include innovative projects ranging from those that turn plastic waste into schools; installing solar panels in communities; and training local manufacturers to make eco-cooking stoves. Children and young people play a key role in addressing climate-related risks by promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyles and setting an example for their communities; they are at the centre of issues arising from climate change.

Entitled Children’s Planet the metal sphere sculpture has been designed & created by Charles;

Formula 1 carSchematic of a sphere sculptureFormula 1 car

Created again within the Elliott of London studio in July 2023 and measures 2.5m in diameter. Alongside recycled metals the sculpture utilises parts of old Formula E race cars that were generously given by all 11 racing teams in the championship. It also includes small figures representing children, positioning the next generation at the centre of the world and the potential solutions to the climate crisis.

The sculpture was unveiled at Formula E’s London E-Prix wowing fans back August 2023 when our very own Charles Elliott even made it on to ITV giving the race winner a very large bottle Moët!

A very proud moment for us within team Elliott as it’s not very often you make it on to the screens of homes across the world!

• Formula E and UNICEF announce the sale of a hand-made, one-of-a-kind sculpture ‘Children’s Planet’, that wow’ed thousands of curious fans at Formula E’s London race earlier this year.

• The sculpture was designed and made by internationally renowned sculptor Charles Elliott, Elliott of London, to represent the impact of climate change on young people.

• All money raised from this sale will directly contribute to UNICEF’s work on climate change which helps create a planet where every child can live in a safe, clean and sustainable environment.

• Price On Application. Please contact to find out more.

Sphere Sculpture


By positioning them in the centre, the sphere sculpture also highlights the leading role that children and young people play as powerful agents for change.

Since 2021, when Formula E and UNICEF established their innovative partnership, over 2.5 million children and young people have benefitted through climate change programmes across the world.

Every child has a right to live in an environment that is conducive to their growth and safety, including being protected from pollutants and other hazards. Yet a global generation of children are growing up in a world made far more dangerous and uncertain because of our changing climate. Formula E supports UNICEF’s global work in climate by raising awareness of the impacts of climate change on children and contributing crucial funding towards programmes that help transform children’s lives around the world.

UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

Please take a nosey on our social media pages to see more images, videos & information on the build of this incredible sphere sculpture & the big unveil day at the Formula E racing in London.

Sphere Sculpture


To learn more about what we do here at Elliott Of London, please feel free to take a look at our range of sculptures, especially the huge range of other spherical sculptures we have produced.


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