full kingfisher statue

British Bronze Sculptures

Bronze has been the ideal medium for sculpting for many years due to its versatility, rich colour and ability to achieve the smallest detail. So there is no doubt as to why so many of Elliots of Londons sculptures, are made from this glorious material. Bronze sculptures are usually made via a process known as casting, which in short means,

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small modern fire pit

Adding Something Different To Your Garden

Metal Garden Art Looking for something unique and bespoke for your garden? Elliott Of London can provide you with authentic metal garden art, bringing your open space to life! Art plays a significant role in how humans can interact with their environment as well as others. People appreciate art in a variety of ways including paintings, music, dance, drawings and

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close up of ascot sculpture

Horse Racing Sculptures For Hire!

During the cold months of the year, it can be hard to find enjoyable activities. Often the things we like in the summer do not seem so appealing in the cold. But throughout the year, we always enjoy attending horse races & point to point meets. Rain or shine, it is a fantastic way to spend a day. Every race

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Watching Fox Sculpture

Spruce Up Your Garden

The New Year is rapidly approaching so it is time for a fresh start. Once you get through the mountains of turkey, family gatherings and endless parties, you may find yourself wanting to make some changes to your life. While some people may choose to start a new diet or participate in dry January, there are plenty of other ways

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Bronze Female Torso Bronze

Why Choose Bronze Sculptures?

For millennia, Bronze has been the medium of choice for sculptors worldwide. From Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ to the ‘Little Mermaid’ that has long blessed the shoreline of Copenhagen, Bronze creations have graced the world’s most exquisite collections. To this day, creators are still utilising this metal in their designs. In fact, the prevalence of bronze sculptures appears to be ever

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illuminated sphere sculpture

Why Choose Us?

Elliott of London is located on Bluebell Farm within Berkhamsted, on the outer borders of London. Our business was founded by Charles Elliott, a young British sculptor who has brought national and international recognition to Elliott of London. Our bespoke sculptures have been proudly displayed in various locations such as the reputable Royal Ascot Racecourse, Cheltenham Festival, Hatfield House, Ragley

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black sphere sculpture

What Is Patination?

When creating our animal sculptures, there are plenty of steps that go into the process. While we aren’t going to share with you our deepest darkest secrets in this regard, we did think we would take some time to explain one of these processes: patination.  If you are looking for a new sculpture, the concept of patination may be something

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Watching Fox Sculpture

Fox Sculptures: An Ode To British Wildlife

It is no secret that we love creating pieces of art that celebrate the countryside here in Britain. From Robins to Deer, there are plenty of muses all around us if you were only to take the time to look. But one animal that, we think, represents the British countryside like no other is the Fox. Quick and delicate, the

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Red Robin 2021 Sculpture

Christmas Gift Ideas: Our Robin Sculpture

At Elliott of London, we create hundreds of sculptures each year. Some are perfect all year round, and some make an incredible gift for a special time of year. Our Robin sculpture is one of these special occasion sculptures, perfect for the festive period. So, as we creep closer to Christmas Day, we thought we would tell you a little

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Horseshoe Bottle Wine Rack With Wine Bottles

Wall Wine Racks – An Elegant Way to Store Wine

We understand that it’s difficult to pick the perfect decor to suit your vision, especially with what’s available out there! Wine racks are a way to store your wine safely and conveniently in one location. Wall Wine Racks give you that convenience but with an extra flare. Not only would it save you space, but it would also act as

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red spiral

Keeping up with the Trends with your Garden Sculpture

Garden spaces now have a new meaning after the whole shift in work with more people working from home. People with a lovely garden space have the opportunity to work surrounded by nature.  Why not have a lovely Garden Sculpture to embellish your outdoor workspace/chill spot. We want to help you choose the right piece for your space while following

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black and gold sphere

Why Choose An Abstract Sculpture?

At Elliott of London, we have a wide range of sculptures that are sure to interest anyone who sees them. Some of our sculptures are particularly exciting, and these would be our abstract sculptures. These unique sculptures have so much unique character within. While they may not be to everyone’s taste, they are still spectacular to behold. Art is all

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Boxing Hares 2020 side view

Where To Buy Bronze Sculptures

So you’ve decided that a bronze sculpture would be the perfect addition home. But now you need to find out where to go to buy this all-important purchase. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Bronze sculpture has become a very popular art form over the last decade. The demand for bronze sculptures is growing at an exponential rate. In

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trio of spheres

Horseshoe Sculptures

One of the oldest forming methods is forging. Forging is the process of shaping metals with heat and a variety of tools, horseshoes are made by the forging process. Horseshoes are at the foundation of many of our sculptures. They can be the centre point of a design or used as the building material. If you look closely at a

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