Our Range Of Equine Sculptures

image of horse head sculpture and hay stacks

At Elliott Of London, we appreciate the uniqueness of all animals, however, horses have always stood out to us. Despite their size, they have the ability to move with grace (albeit they often choose not to). This is why we have such a large and varied range of equine sculptures. 

From small sculptures that would look beautiful on the mantle of your fireplace, to giant sculptures that are perfect for the garden, we have it all. So if you have a love for horses, you should check out our extensive range of equine sculptures.

Our Full-Size Equine Sculptures

We have an extensive range of full-size horse sculptures. Being avid fans of a range of sports that involve horses we have spent plenty of time observing these beautiful animals. This has given us some excellent insight into how horses move which allows us to create these beautiful sculptures.

Rearing Horse Sculpture – Prancing Stallion

Our rearing horse sculpture is a handcrafted, lifesize sculpture of a horse standing on its hind legs. As you can see, it has been created delicately using 8mm round steel. The shapes that we have created with the steel flow down the length of the structure and indicate the power of the animal that is being depicted. 

Further, this sculpture is given a zinc exterior and a galvanised finish. This not only enhances the beauty of the sculpture but will also keep the piece safe from nature and resistant to rust for over 30 years!

Race Horse Sculpture – Injured Jokey Charity

We are a fan of a wide range of sports involving horses, but horse racing is certainly one of our favourites. However, it can be a dangerous sport. This is why we created this elegant jockey sculpture. With every sale, we will donate 5% of the proceeds to the Injured Jockey Fund.

This sculpture not only has a lot of meaning but it is thoroughly detailed. Using the wire we created patterns along that show the movement of both the horse and jockey. This sculpture has also been given a zinc exterior and galvanised ensuring it stays beautiful for years to come.

Our Small Equine Sculptures

For those who don’t have the space for, or simply do not want a lifesized horse sculpture, we have a range of smaller sculptures too. These pieces would look beautiful in your home and would be a fantastic conversation starter.

Abstract Jumping Horse Sculpture

This beautiful limited edition jumping horse sculpture depicts a horse midjump. Its simple yet elegant design allows it to work perfectly in any home, no matter the style of your interior. 

The sculpture was created out of steel and has a rugged texture. It is then finished with a gloss to leave it looking beautiful and protected from damage.

Foal Sculpture Interior Abstract

This elegant small foal sculpture is the perfect ornament for an equestrian enthusiast. Mounted on a limestone plinth, the neutral colouring of this piece makes it suitable for all kinds of backdrops.

Similar to the Abstract Jumping Horse Sculpture, it has been created from steel and has been left with a lovely texture. With its glossy finish for protection, it would be a beautiful adornment to a shelf or mantle.

Our Range

At Elliott Of London, we have a huge range of equine sculptures, but we have plenty of other sculptures on offer too. No matter your tastes, you are sure to find a piece that you love. Check out our range today!


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