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Sculptures In The Garden

One of our newest creations is truly inspired by the beautiful autumnal British nature that surrounds our rural British studio.

The Seed Sculpture

The Seed Sculpture has the most beautiful shape formed entirely by hundreds of Leaf pieces. Each leaf piece is cut out & pressed using one of our oldest workshop machines, enabling us to give life, texture & depth to the leaf detailing.

Once heated in the furnace, we use a carefully handmade mold on our press which adds the veins & leaves a natural autumnal crinkle. We also use our Swift pieces for the seed however, these are a little different to “give life” too, so although we pop them in the furnace, there is no mould for these & every single piece is hand textured using our 1920s power hammer. When all the pieces are ready, we can start to create the Seed sculptures ready for use as a garden sculptures.

Inspired not only by shape but by pattern & finish too!

Available in our array of different patinas including the autumnal rustic patina, hot zinc galvanised finish for our Leaf Seeds or any of our hand-painted options for our Swift piece Seed Sculptures. With each detail being handmade in our studio we can adapt the sizes to suit each client & each client’s space or area accordingly.

Although we currently create our Seed sculptures in all our textured leaves or swift pieces – we welcome any customised commissions on patterns & styles. Because all of our sculptures are handmade to order we can create the Seed to a size to suit each person. So, it’s a fully adaptable to suit you all individually.

Illumination Kits

Our trusty illumination kits are also available for these stunning garden sculptures & they really add more life & feel to them – weather it’s the Rustic patina illuminated with its orangey warm mood or the Verdigris & Gold illuminated with all of its awe inspiring golden glow they truly add to the ambiance of an evening.

The illumination kits just in the tube of the sculpture enabling a wonderful glow within the sculptures.

Get In Touch

For more information on any of our garden sculptures feel free to get in touch.

We welcome you all to our Hertfordshire Studio by appointment only to ensure one of our small team can be there to meet you, discuss & show you everything we have to offer you.

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