Snow, Sculptures & Sculpting……

It's not very often that we get much snow here in the Chiltern Hill's but we got lucky this weekend & we've had a wonderful covering of snow!
Sphere Sculptures in the Snow

We’ve realised that no matter how old you are the snow will make you feel like a child again, so did you build a snowman?

Charles was inspired this weekend by being able to use a totally different method & material to sculpt with – he took “Snowman” to another level & entertained his local villagers!

Here a few of our stunning Sculpture’s basking in the snow over the weekend.

We are still open & staying safe in our rural studio, Charles is still busy creating exciting sculptures!

Our Studio is open for Click & Collect & Our website is bursting with gift ideas & tonnes for you too browse!

So please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information.


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