Straight From The Horses Mouth…….

Hot off the hoof. The team @ Elliott’s passion for equines just continues to grow.
drawing of three horses

No two horses created here have been the same yet! Each one has life & character of its own in bucket loads!

From the placement of their ears too the flick of their hoofs they almost come alive as they are created.

Charles has always had a love for equines & has been around them his entire life, studying the confirmation, the movement & the characters of each & everyone that he has met along the way.

The attention to detail for each equine sculpture is incredible, from the very first sketch on paper, all the way to the number of handcrafted plaits nothing gets missed.

Each sketch is analysed thoroughly for each different breed, stance & build of horse to enable the team at Elliott’s to hand bend the mild steel bar & place carefully to create the sculptures.

The definition of each muscle is sculpted to suit each movement of the horses – be they Racehorses, Dressage, Show Jumping, Shire Horses or even a Miniature Shetland Pony they all get the same TLC required to bring them to life.

Do you fancy an Elliott’s Equine Sculpture of your own?
Why not reach out to us & see what we can create for you….


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