Winter Warmers

Fire In The Winter Garden

Frosty mornings, the potential of snow falling, and much darker evenings are all coming in fast! At Elliott of London, we welcome the longer winter evenings as this is the perfect time to use your illumination kits. And knowing that your gardens and outdoor spaces can still be enjoyed with our sculptures even in the winter, is something we pride ourselves on!

Imagine the cold winter evening, you’re gathered around the roaring fire with a nice hot chocolate, or a warming red wine, in your hand. Your garden is lit up by a beautiful glowing Sphere or incredible sculpture, not only artistic and easy on the eye but practical and purposeful too!

We also have a range of ‘Winter Warmers’ which are perfect for the winter evenings. Choose from our metal candle holders and four luxurious fire pits that not only look the part but act it too! Our winter warmers selection are available all year long and can be made to custom requirements if preferred.

All of our sculptures here at Elliott of London can have an added illumination kit option, added at checkout. Just a very simple addition that gives all year round. Check out our sculptures today or get in touch at


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