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Leaf sphere sculpture

What Does It Take To Create Art??

Imagination, creativity & a strong vision from Charles always keeps us on our toes when creating new sculptures or commission pieces for clients.

It takes us time to get to know the customer we are creating for if its commission piece, it also takes a bit of knowledge of the are in which they would like the item placing!

Charles then does animal or sculpture feel research, for muscle form, structure, mood & material use to get the best outcome.

Logistics & forward thinking play a huge part in our art too; For not only the build but the installation too, we’ve been caught out with access issues in the past & we can assure you, rolling one of our 1.5m Spheres over the top of a garage in central London really made us certain to check, check & check again for future installations!

Its just the pen to paper sketches for Team Elliott, it goes a little deeper for us!


sketch of two horses and a baby horse 

How Long Does It Take??

The biggest question ever asked…….. We try our upmost to meet deadlines as & when possible or required so tighter time frames just mean longer days for us to enable us to achieve the constrictions made for us to suit everyone.

We always have to bare in mind what else is happening in the studio at the same time, as space might be restricted, or our time might be restricted.

So we ensure we carefully timescale out sculptures to beat deadlines! It also enables us to free little time slots for Charles to continue creating his own art & not get the artistic block!


brace of pheasant's sculpture

What Materials Do You Use??

We LOVE any metals! For us its multipurpose, ductile , changeable, durable & most of all there are so many different forms its makes for exciting creations in all types!

We work with clay to create our bronze sculptures which ends up down at The Lost Foundry to be moulded, pour & fettled in Bronze & Bronze Resin, prior to the patination’s we can provide!

So from Mild Steel all the way through to solid Bronze there’s something for all potential artistic pieces.


Sphere Sculpture


How Much Does It Cost??

This is something that is totally unique to each & every sculpture singularly as they are all different shapes, sizes, materials, methods, finishes & installations. We pride ourselves on being as fair as possible hear as this is always the pinch point.

Baring in mind the above information, we understand that it is so hard to see that its fair when you don’t understand the work that goes into each of our pieces, which is why we wanted to give you a better idea on the piece by piece of our sculpture’s creations, man hours, lead times, materials & prices.

We love being a totally British brand & we pride ourselves on making everything in house at all times!


For any further information please do not hesitate to ask!

01494 758896


Horse Sculpture


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