Life Behind Our Spheres

From our simplistic Organic Flow Rustic Patina Spheres - starting at 65cm diameter. All the way up to our 2m diameter statement piece Verdigris & Gold Swift Sphere - our options for you all are never-ending.
beech leaf Sculpture

Each bar of Organic Flow is cut, hand bent & moulded to create the distinguished product, the Rustic Patina finish only improves with age & is a piece that requires no further maintenance.

Our Sail Spheres are all individually handcrafted & put together with thought & consideration. Using some of the oldest blacksmithing methods including our 1920’s power hammer to texture each sail prior to creating.

Whilst our Beech Leaf Spheres have each individual beech leaf cut out, hand pressed & textured to enable us to create the leaf character & effect.
The finishes we provide range from the simplistic Rustic Patina where encouraged by nature they form a beautiful orangey gold colouring, that complements any setting.

Our Galvanised Finish is available on any of our Sphere options providing protection from rust & weathering that is guaranteed from the Galvanisers for 35years. The bold silvery effect tones down slowly with age to give a warmer silver tone suitable for any outdoor space.

Our exquisite hand painted options, although time consuming provide some of the most stunning finishes.

Our favourite being the Verdigris & Gold. The Verdigris wax is a light matt green, applied on the exterior of our spheres competley by hand. The wax tones down over time & gives a natural yet outstanding finish, which is totally complemented by our Antique Gold Paste. We apply the Antique Gold to the interior of our spheres to give that “ever glowing” effect against the sun & day light meaning that with or without our illumination kit this is a gorgeous colour combination.

All of our Spheres are available with our illumination kits, that can be put on a time to suit your outdoor space lighting needs.
The waterproof bulb can not be seen in the spheres & is tidily tucked away at the base enabling us to make the spheres glow when the light is turned on.

Our variations & ability to create what suits each individual client means our Sphere collection will continue to expand & grow, touching & reaching sculpture boundaries.


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