Elliott of London’s Sculpture “In Safe Hands” – Raises £4000.00 For The NHS Charities Together!

Our NHS & Keyworkers inspired sculpture “In Safe Hands” raised £4000.00 for the NHS Covid Appeal Charities!
Thank you NHS In Safe Hands Poster

The two week long auction was won by Enterprise Skip Hire in Aylesbury!

The NHS “In Safe Hands” Sculpture is now on show at Chiltern View Nurseries, Wendover Road, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury for you all to enjoy!

We were inspired to create the sculpture to show our appreciation at Elliott of London & of our community to all the NHS Staff & Keywokrers throughout these awful times.
The hands represent the NHS & Keyworkers & the sphere is in effect the world.. proving & showing us that they have our back through all of this! Creating this piece meant a lot to Charles Elliott – the founder of Elliott of London….

” I am pleased that we have been able to raise money for such a worthy cause & we hope that people have realised the efforts & sacrifices that have been made by our NHS & Keyworkers!” – Charles Elliott

In Safe Hands Sculpture by Charles Elliott

We illuminated the sphere so that day & night NHS & Keyworker users of the A41 could see our sculpture & enjoy it all day long, regardless of the hours they tirelessly worked for us all. We have had some amazing feedback & some really heartfelt messages throughout having our sculpture on show. It has shown us how united our community is & how much we appreciate these outstanding people who have continued to put themselves on the line for our country!

One of the emails that touched us the most was from Hannah an NHS Worker –

“No matter how bad a shift it was a lovely light/sight to see & you really did make a difference to my journey. Thank you” – Hannah

We encourage you to visit the sculpture on show at Chiltern View Nurseries & share a bit of love towards the NHS Staff & Keyworkers, we really hope that the money raised will go to worthy causes in the NHS & we hope your all staying safe & staying well!

“Elliott of London Team”
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